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The golden sound bank contains popular unique and regenerated instrument presets.


Because we are developing a family of  very useful plugins that will make your life as a producer a lot more easy and fun
It’s coming soon please support.


“Real instrument recordings and synthesized sounds ready to use”

The plug-in collection comes in three volumes Each volume contains 90 + sounds in total 270 + instrument preset sounds mixed with all sorts of professional presets like Strings, Brasses, Basses, Flutes, Synths, Timpani’s, Sitar, Guitars, Bass Guitars, Bells, Keys, Vocal/Choirs, Hits, Plucks and Leads. All this sounds waiting foryour next production.


The golden sound bank gives you sound presets that you can use in almost every genre. It will be very useful for producing Trap, house, hip hop, electronica, pop, rock, reggae, new wave, etc.

“You will not regret DOWNLOADING this”

You will use this library almost every production from the day you have download it !

“This plugin gives your music the signature it earns”

Work not longer with overused sounds, but gives this a try. When you download this plug-in you will work with sounds that are rare to find you will create your own style in minutes.

“You’re boosting your production with unique sounds and you can mix them with popular sounds”


The interface is very intuitive and easy to understand.

“You can start immediately producing with the plug-in”

This vst audio unit has no learning curve. At the most of the time, you will only need the gain knob.

“All the sounds are already ready for your next production!”


Finally, a plug-in with a lot of sound presets that not use all your RAM or CPU.

“With ease you can load this plugin several times without your PC or laptop is crashing”

This plug-in has no ram and CPU heavy extra’s on it The most of the plug-ins, when you load them up, you load up a lot of stuff that you don’t even use on that preset.

“We believe it’s better to have your effects in the effect chain so you can choose in which order you want the effects and in the meanwhile saving a lot of ram and CPU.”


This Sound bank plug-in is also perfect if you just started with producing music.

“All the sounds are ready to use and the interface has no learning curve.”


This plug-in collection comes with 4 extensions for win 32 bit, vst for win 64, Audio unit and vst for mac. Vst 32 bit and 64 bit: FL Studio, Ableton Live, Acid PRO, Cubase, Nuendo,Reaper etc. Audio unit: Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase, Garage Band, Presonus Studio One and many others. Vst for Mac: All compatible daw software.


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